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Ultimate Zen
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Ultimate Zen

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This ultimate Zen self-care pack holistically combines mind, body and spirit.  Starting with our Pink Clay mask, you begin your journey to self-discovery and relaxation.  As the mask is working its magic, you can begin the dry body brushing to invigorate your skin.  As you step into the shower to remove the mask, allow the warm water to wash away any stress and tension. Take a moment, to just be.

Now for the fun part! Apply your favourite body scrub, working your way from the neck right down to your toes.  Imagine all your worries making their way down the drain. Apply the lip scrub, gently exfoliating and hydrating your lips, leaving them amazingly soft and supple.  As you step out of the shower, you will feel relaxed, your skin will be soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Put on your favourite comfy clothes and grab your favourite drink.  Find a quiet space, light the candle and spend some ‘you’ time listening to our Spotify playlist. Recharge your mind body and spirit; you deserve this!

This gift pack includes:

  • 400g scrub of your choice
  • 20g lip scrub
  • 100g pink clay mask
  • Small dry body brush
  • Candle
  • Spotify Relaxation Playlist
  • Self-care tips and ideas